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Video Filmmaker

4.0 ( 400 ratings )
Productividad Foto y vídeo
Desarrollador Neeraj .

Video Filmmaker is one of the easiest application over the market for creating videos because of its simple flow and friendly application interface.

Video Filmmaker with Song is the powerful video maker application. Everything you need to make an awesome video is here in this application.
Unleash your imagination! Start creating masterpiece Music Videos by mixing, inserting background Music / Sound using iPod library.

◆ Trim, Adjust speed of audio & Apply multiple effect :

Create beautiful and interesting music video with multiple color effects, funny effects, select any song of your choice and make an amazing video, you can trim the time duration of the song and manage the speed of the song too, you can easily make fun, inspiring, or creative music videos.

◆ Delete Video :

Option for deleting the video is also available, if you do not like your creation you can easily delete the video, just click on the delete button, swipe the video to left and tap on delete.

◆ Play Video and Capture Snap shot :

Huge Variety of multiple color effects are available, add different effects while making a video, also take a quick snapshot from the video or you can directly share it with your friends and family on the social network.

◆ How to use :
◎ Open Video Filmmaker app, tap on add button to add audio for background of video.

◎ After adding audio, adjust speed, trim audio(ie section of audio you wnat to use in your video) as per choice then make video with trimed audio and custom effect.

◎ Adjust speed of audio is a unique feature you can slow down or fast and use it on video.

◎ Now make live video and while making video you can give multiple color effects to the video - make funny video uisng funny effects.

◎ Save video creation to app directory automatically as per given audio duration, you can save manually also, after Record and Stop button tap.

◎ Save video to phone or share with friends directly on tapping share button.

◎ Play video file and take snap & share it with your friends on social network.

◎ Delete video on delete button click.

◎ Chang app theme on setting page, choosing Color - Theme option.